Luke 5:1-11

Because You Say So!

“One day Jesus stood on the shore of Lake Gennesaret and spoke to a crowd that had come to listen to Him. The people started  to push in so close  to Jesus that he got into Peter’s boat and asked Peter to push the boat a little way out on the water. When Jesus had finished speaking to the people, he said to Simon Peter, ‘Push the boat out into the deep water and let down your fishing nets.’ [Peter replied,] ‘Master, we have worked hard all night and we haven’t caught a thing. Yet, because you say so, I will let down my nets.’ So Simon Peter and his fellow fishermen went out again. They let down their nets and as they did they caught so many fish that their nets started to break. Others came to help and their boats almost sank with all the fish.”


Does Jesus know and understand my world?

Peter realized Jesus knew the Scriptures and had the power to heal. But Jesus grew up in the home of a carpenter in Nazareth — and Nazareth was not a fishing village! When it came to fishing, Peter knew everything there was to know about fishing — and this was definitely not the time to fish!

After a whole night of fishing, Peter had some doubts about what good letting the nets out again would actually do, yet  he listened to Jesus.

Do you sometimes feel Jesus doesn’t understand your world, your  frustrations and your longings? Just as Jesus showed that he knew more about fishing than Peter did, he also knows more about your world than you may think. When no one else seems to understand all the things going on in your life, why not talk to Jesus and trust him to do something special in your world? He, the “Master of the Universe,” has complete control!

“For by him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities — all things were created by him and for him.”   – Colossians 1:16