Epiphany! Ah, ha!

by Pastor Earl Vorpagel, III


Epiphany: a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you.   – The Cambridge Dictionary


Several years ago I remember discussing Epiphany in a Staff meeting and someone said, “Epiphany! Ah, ha!” In January we celebrate Epiphany in the church. Epiphany, as we understand it in our daily use of the word, is “Ah, ha! Now I see!”  The question becomes, “What is it that we see?” 

As we stand on the threshold of a new year there are many ways we can look at it. Some people look at the unknown and they are afraid. Others see the unknown as a great adventure.  Some people see the potential difficulties they may face, while others see only opportunities. And some can only see the New Year as an ending rather than a new beginning.

What makes “Ah, ha” so profound is that, as Christians, we are encouraged to appreciate life one day at a time. The only moment we have is the one we are living in. Each moment is, in itself, a new beginning. The past is done and can’t be changed. The future is coming but is not yet here. The “Ah, ha” for people of faith is to be able to see that… Jesus is with us!

The marvel is God encourages us to see that — just as God was with us in the past, God will be with us no matter what tomorrow brings, and God is especially with us in the here and now.

As we begin our journey into the New Year we can do so with courage and hope. Just when we think things are the darkest, all we have to do is turn around and discover, “Ah, ha,” our Savior and the light of our lives is right here!